Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oldies Music Wonder

Music is the key for a person to feel younger, happier etc., If a person want to enjoy or relax or even sad the person would like to hear to some music which makes him feel always better. Music can rule a person through its type. Music also varies from generation to generation we can now see various kind of music like jazz etc., but melody is the only music which is liked by all kind of people even hard or soft kind of people melody is one of the favorite. The same way in olden days music were very different mostly it were melody. Whatever the new generation create various new kind of music the both old generation and new generation likes the old music. New music can be bored after hearing sometimes but it is not the same case in old music how many ever times we hear we love it that is old music specialty. Oldies music are still popular, famous and more lovable by new generation. We would always say a movie like oh it is old movie want to see it? But it is not at all same in the case of music. Music is always welcome by current generation either it is older music or new music no change it is always welcomed and that is the speciality of the Music. As the current scenario sticks more and more in to Online so that the current generation can be called as online generation. People want to get everything through online. And also want to access the whole world from sitting in one place this makes people to get expressed in various kinds of music and things. According to 1960’s Culture people used to hear songs through tape recorder etc., but now everything is through online stores.